30,000 reasons to check for lost super!

30,000 reasons to check for lost super!

If you think you have an old superannuation account from a previous job, here are 30,000 reasons to do something about it – today.

Very simply, 30,000 dollars is the amount you could be short-changing yourself by the time you get to retirement age. Let me explain:

Age Now Average balance in lost superannuation accounts Years to retirement
(age 65)
Value of average balance at retirement*
35 $6,370 30 $28,026
40 $8,705 25 $29,920
45 $11,108 20 $29,825
50 $12,531 15 $26,284
55 $13,805 10 $22,621

Remember, these are average figures and vary according to age. You could have more or less than the average but regardless of the amount, it’s better in your pocket than sitting in the lost or unclaimed superannuation registers of super funds or the Tax Office.

LOST_SUPER_NEWAs your accountants / financial advisers, we don’t want to see you short-change yourself in retirement. So if you’d like our help to search for lost or unclaimed superannuation accounts in your name, simply give us a call on (03) 5441 8043 or CLICK HERE, provide a few details and we’ll get started. There’s no cost and you might – just might – have a pleasant surprise coming your way.

We’d also be pleased to help your family members or friends search for their lost super – simply forward this email to them and ask them to contact us.

Kind regards,

Stephen, Gary and the team at The Farm Protectors

Source: Lost and ATO-Held Super at 31 December 2014, Australian Taxation Office, 25 May 2015. https://goo.gl/CSjiVX

* Value at retirement calculated at 5%, compounded.

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