Have you planned for 2016?

Have you planned for 2016?

As we launch into 2016 most of us will make new year’s resolutions. It can feel uplifting and exciting to make plans for the year ahead – like joining a gym, starting a new hobby and even keeping up with your email inbox. But as most of us know, the novelty wears off quickly and our new year’s resolutions begin to unravel quickly.

This year we want to prevent that, we want to help you make a plan that you can actually keep and will help you achieve your financial goals.

As a special offer to help kick off 2016, we are offering our clients, your family and friends a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced advisers.

Contact Gary Jones on 0407 047 917 or Stephen Wait on 0438 227 811 to arrange an appointment to get started on achieving those long-held financial goals and dreams. 

Alternatively click here to have one of our team members contact you to discuss your circumstances.

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Your most valuable asset may not be what you think it is

We Australians are a pretty optimistic bunch, however there’s a big difference though between having a relaxed outlook on life and leaving the important things to chance. It turns out plenty of us take the latter approach, with 38 per cent of Australians believing they would not be able to survive financially for more than a month before needing to sell assets if they became sick or injured and were unable to earn an income.

Your ability to earn a steady income is by far your most valuable asset, however a common mistake many make is thinking the ‘default’ coverage offered automatically through their superannuation fund will be enough to look after them and their families should the worst happen. This belief has caused a false sense of security, assuming that life insurance and income protection is a homogeneous ‘box they have already ticked’.

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