Lost Super? We’ll Help You Find It

Lost Super? We’ll Help You Find It

$15.9 billion is the value of lost and unclaimed superannuation in Australia, and it’s sitting in more than 6 million individual accounts. On the law of averages, this means there’s a good chance that some of this belongs to you, your spouse, partner, children or other family members.australian_money_map

  • roughly one in two Australians in the workforce have lost or unclaimed super
  • the average ‘lost’ super account balance is $2,600
  • the biggest lost super account balance is $5.4 million

As a service to our clients and their families, we are offering to help search if any of this money belongs to you. And at no cost to you.

If you would like one of our friendly staff members to look for any lost or unclaimed superannuation the please CLICK HERE. All it takes is a minute of your time. We will use your personal details we hold on file plus any other information you are able to provide (eg: maiden name) to search and see if we can’t put a little extra in your superannuation account.

After all – every little bit helps!

Kind regards,

Stephen, Gary and the team at The Farm Protectors

Lost and ATO-Held Super at 31 December 2014, Australian Taxation Office, 25 May 2015. https://goo.gl/CSjiVX

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