Why You Should Be Using a Financial Adviser?

The Farm Protectors - Why you should be using a financial adviser

Why You Should Be Using a Financial Adviser?

While most of us have a basic understanding of finances, only a small percentage of Australians actually accumulate wealth and retire comfortably.

With a combined 50 years’ experience within the financial planning industry, The Farm Protectors understand the benefits of solid financial planning and working with a financial adviser.

Taking out the main benefit of increasing wealth and reducing risk, we have outlined four other benefits for you below.

Creating a plan for now and your future

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We plan our weekends, holidays and parties, but not our finances. Instead of dreaming about the future, creating a solid financial plan will assist you to achieve it. Working with a qualified financial adviser will help you create a plan for now and the future. Your plan is personalised to your situation and will focus on what’s most important for you and your family.


When working with a financial adviser you are dealing with a financial specialist. If you had to have heart surgery you wouldn’t be happy trusting your GP with the surgery, you would want to see the heart specialist. It’s exactly the same with a financial adviser. You want to trust your finances to a professional who specialises in financial planning.

Updates on economic and legislative changes

Life is busy. Work is crazy. Kids are a full-time job. You don’t have the time or energy to keep up with everything particularly when there are changes, at times daily. Economic and legislative changes are occurring regularly within the financial industry. Your financial adviser is informed and knowledgeable on each one of these changes. They will contact you if you need to make adjustments to your plan. Rest assured you have one less thing to worry about when you deal with The Farm Protectors.


Management consultant, Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured, gets improved.” This is why it’s beneficial to work with a financial adviser. After we have worked together to create your financial plan, we will keep you accountable. Via regular review sessions, we collaborate with you to help you keep on track and achieve exactly what’s most important to you. The plan we create is dynamic and will be adjusted as required.

If you want more from your money now and into the future, working with a financial adviser is the best option for you and your family.

The Farm Protectors. Protecting you and your family.

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