You could have thousands in lost super waiting for you!

You could have thousands in lost super waiting for you!

money_in_bucketThese days we commit thousands into protecting our assets (through car, home and personal insurances) but tend to overlook investing time into saving for retirement.

Your superannuation is your key to being set up for retirement. But worrying data released from the ATO found that there is $15.9 billion in lost superannuation across Australia1. That’s an awful lot of money just waiting to be found by its owners.

Are you ready to search for any lost or unclaimed claim super in your name to set yourself up for retirement?

We are ready to help you. If you would like one of our friendly staff members to look for any lost superannuation or unclaimed monies then simply let us know by CLICKING HERE. All it takes is a minute of your time. We will use your personal details we hold on file plus any other information you are able to provide (e.g.: maiden name) to search and see if we can’t put a little extra in your superannuation or bank account.

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Stephen, Gary and the team at The Farm Protectors
Source: Lost and ATO-Held Super at 31 December 2014, Australian Taxation Office, 25 May 2015.

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