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Safe Ag Systems makes good business sense

You’ve heard you need to do something about safety – but what exactly?

Setting up a digital safety management system is the smart thing to do. The good news is doing this digitally is relatively simple, even for the least technological person. 

A well-designed safety system should help improve productivity on your farm by giving your workers the right information at the right time, and reduce downtime by addressing hazards and preventing safety incidents.

It also provides a level of protection from potential penalties and prosecution if something serious does happen.

Yes, you’ll need to invest a bit of time initially to set up your system but it’s time well spent to keep safe and keep farming. Safe Ag Systems provides a suite of templates so you can get started straight away, without needing a safety expert on hand. 

Implementing Safe Ag Systems, you can immediately start capturing the data you need for compliance and to help improve safety. Simple daily actions like completing an induction, inspection, adding a new maintenance record or any other type of safety activity is easy and instant.  

European research suggests that the average cost for a minor incident is 16 times more than the cost of prevention. For more serious incidents that factor is up to 48.

Naturally you want the best ‘bang for your buck’ when you invest in anything. It’s not different here. OSHA estimates safety technology can reduce injuries by 15-35% compared to employers with nothing in place.

Investing in Safe Ag Systems will help you 

  • Improve safety
  • Manage risks
  • Improve compliance

Is it worth it? 

Absolutely! Benefits will be seen in financial and productivity gains. But knowing your family, friends and workers go home safe each day – that’s priceless.

Visit www.safeagsystems.com for more information and to start a free trial.