Breast cancer – Oh for a cure. But in the meantime…

Breast cancer – Oh for a cure. But in the meantime…

Breast cancer rates are increasing: it is the most common cancer in women and sadly statistics show 1 in 8 women will be affected*. We all hope for a cure one day for one of the most personal and traumatic type of cancers.

In the meantime, you can do something to ease the financial stress that accompanies the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Doctors’ and hospital bills, medication, rehabilitation and time off work are significant additional costs on top of the mortgage repayments, school fees and daily living expenses that don’t go away no matter what.

A trauma insurance policy will pay a lump sum on diagnosis of breast cancer (and many other major medical conditions) so you can focus on your treatment and recuperation.

At The Farm Protectors we know what the options are and can show you how affordable peace of mind really is. Call us on (03) 5441 8043 (for our Bendigo office) or (03) 5022 8118 (for our Mildura office) or alternatively or click here TODAY and we’ll contact you to arrange an appointment.

*Source: Cancer Council Australia (2014)

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