June 2016 Update

June 2016 Update

Unlike other investments, super is subject to a number of tax breaks and benefits, which can make it a particularly attractive way to save for your retirement. Now is the time to start thinking about making super contributions before the end of the financial year.

There are many ways to boost your superannuation, get in touch today if you would like to find out more about how much you can contribute and the options available to you. If you would like to boost your super before 30 June please contact us IMMEDIATELY to discuss your options.

This Newsletter looks at the five most overlooked tax deductions, we take a look at agricultural investment and finally we take a look at what negative gearing is really about.

We hope you enjoy this Newsletter, and as always urge you to call for personal advice if there is any area that you need to discuss.

Five most overlooked tax deductions Tax Taxing Taxation Taxable Taxpayer Finance Concept

Winter is upon us and now is your final chance to take advantage of any last minute strategies to reduce your tax before June 30. Whether you plan to use an agent to complete your return or do it yourself, it’s vital that you claim deductions for everything that you’re entitled to.

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Why all the fuss with agricultural investment?Cultivated Land

When the government starts monitoring investment activity in a particular asset class, it’s time for investors to sit up and pay attention.The Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has a sizeable bone to pick with the superannuation industry – it’s reluctance to invest in Australia’s agricultural industry.

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What is the negative gearing debate really about?Hispanic couple outside new home

With the federal election well underway, there’s plenty of political debate about negative gearing – whether it should stay or go, whether it should be restricted to new property, and whether the capital gains tax concession associated with negatively geared properties should be reduced.

So, what exactly is negative gearing? Is it a form of tax avoidance or really just a perk for the wealthy?

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